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Microsoft News
All The Major Bing Chat And AI Announcements From Microsoft Build 2023
Microsoft is continuing to grow its presence in the AI space with a series of new updates and launches. Here's everything you need to know.
With the release of Bing Chat and its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft has managed to place itself at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) and is outperforming tech rivals such as Google. As a result, most of the announcements made at the Microsoft Build 2023 developer conference relate to AI.

Unsurprisingly, many of these updates focus on AI-powered Bing, including features that expand Bing Chat's functionalities and reach across Microsoft's platforms.

ZDNET, Tuesday, May 23,2023
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Microsoft Build Brings AI Tools To The Forefront For Developers
You only need two simple letters to accurately convey the major shift in the technology space this year: A and I. Beyond those letters, however, is a complex, evolving and exciting way in which we work, communicate and collaborate. As you will see, artificial intelligence is a common thread as we embark on Microsoft Build, our annual flagship event for developers.
It's already been a landmark year for the industry, starting in January with the announcement of an extension of our partnership with OpenAI to accelerate AI breakthroughs and to ensure these benefits are broadly shared with the world. And in February, Microsoft announced an all-new, AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser to transform the largest software category in the world - search.
Microsoft News, Tuesday, May 23,2023
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IT News - CxO
5 IT Management Practices Certain To Kill IT Productivity
Sometimes, the best way to fix a broken organization is to stop breaking it. Here's what you're doing to keep your staff from getting real IT work done.
Successful CIOs, like all highly placed executives, must be adept at running an organization that's good at getting work out the door.

Unfortunately, many of the most popular management techniques for fixing poor organizational performance don't work. Or worse.

If you want better guidance, start with Peter Drucker's observation that, 'Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.'

CIO, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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How One CIO Drives Business Transformation Through Tech
Tom Peck, CIDO at Sysco, shares valuable insights into the key role that CIOs play as a transformation driver while managing emerging technologies such as AI.
CIOs and IT leaders need to anticipate global disruptions -- and that process requires looking ahead.

Organizations must be able to adapt quickly to stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. Balancing organizational resources and innovation presents a constant challenge for CIOs and IT leaders. The process requires strategic planning, careful analysis and a willingness to take risks.

SearchCIO, Thursday, May 18,2023
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Gartner Reveals The Top Supply Chain Technology Trends For 2023
73% of Average Supply Chain IT Budget Will Be Allocated to Growth and Performance
As organizations place greater emphasis on supply chain management, Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) intend to grasp their collective opportunity to invest in growth through new technology investments, according to Gartner, Inc.

In a survey of 499 supply chain leaders from October through December 2022 in North America, Latin America, Western Europe and the Asia/Pacific region, 65% of respondents said they anticipate it will be easier to fund new technology investments with 73% of supply chain IT budgets this year to be allocated to growth and performance enhancements, on average.

AIThority, Monday, May 15,2023
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4 Tips CIOs Can Use To Drive Change Management
CIOs and IT leaders should be key drivers of change management programs. Learn valuable tips for navigating complexity and scaling technology rollouts.
CIOs must be prepared to look beyond the glitz and glamour of implementing new technologies -- and focus on the big picture.

A panel of experts presented this insight and more during the "CIO as Chief Change Maker: Driving Successful Change Programs at Scale" session at the 2023 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge, Mass., on May 16.

The key to focusing on the big picture is to understand and be open to solving problems.

Search CIO, Friday, May 19,2023
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Modernizing IT: What's Holding Businesses Back?
While businesses today face a paradigm shift in how they operate, they must first become more agile and gain a greater visibility across operations as they embrace modernization.
The business world, like society at large, is experiencing a moment of turbulence. At this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, leaders called it a 'polycrisis' -- a collision of stressors from inflation to recession to global conflict to supply chain crises to the possibility that globalization as we know it will fragment into conflicting regional interests.

How can businesses cope? They have no choice but to adapt, turn on a dime, move at speed and rapidly scale.

InformationWeek, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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CIOs Take On Organizational Adaptability, Resilience
CIOs and other tech executives are bracing their organizations to remain flexible in a period of unpredictable developments and bounce back when they take a punch.
CIOs and other digital leaders are playing a broader role in helping their organizations deal with fast-moving and disruptive developments, from emerging technologies to damaging cyberattacks.

Indeed, digital resilience, organizational adaptability and business agility surfaced as key themes at this week's MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. Speakers at the annual event pointed to the changing nature of the CIO amid the chaos of change and the potential for that position having greater sway as a result.

SeaerchCIO, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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IT News - Storage
Secure Sustainable Storage A Global Imperative
Data storage consumes an estimated 4% of the global electrical energy supply, and the demand for data storage will accelerate for the foreseeable future. We need innovations in storage software and hardware to enable economical, resilient, and environmentally sustainable data management.
The Need for Sustainable Storage

Everybody has lost valuable data, due to various reasons. Most of this can never be recreated in whole or in part. In NASA's case, valuable technical design data stored on 7-track magnetic tape has been lost, due to the unavailability of still-functioning tape drives.'i' This will soon be the case for data stored on floppy disks. (When was the last time you saw an 8-inch floppy disk reader?)

Another major storage problem is power demand. Within the data center, storage typically accounts for a significant portion of that electricity. Overall, Data storage consumes an estimated 4% of the global electrical energy supply, and the demand for data storage will accelerate for the foreseeable future with the coming Data Tsunami. Thus, sustainability matters when it comes to enterprise storage.

DCIG, Saturday, May 20,2023
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Storage Races To Innovate In Face Of Data Explosion
The whole area of IT storage is buzzing with innovation, as startups and incumbents race to provide the capacity needed in a world exploding with unstructured data.
Chatbot technology, the I/O speed to get data into memory, the memory capacity needed, and the software to provide, manage, and analyze vast lakes of data all create massive opportunities.

Growing amounts of data need storing, managing, and analyzing, and that is driving technology developments at all levels of the IT storage stack.

Blocks&Files, Monday, May 15,2023
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IT News - AI
The Thing Missing From Generative AI Is The 'Why'
According to Google, Meta and a number of other platforms, generative AI tools are the basis of the next era in creative testing and performance. Meta bills its Advantage+ campaigns as a way to 'use AI to eliminate the manual steps of ad creation.'
Provide a platform with all of your assets, from website to logos, product images to colors, and they can make new creatives, test them and dramatically improve results.

For a small business with few design resources, this is a fantastic advancement. Imagine being able to develop brand-appropriate creatives almost instantly that follow social media platforms' design guidelines and formats perfectly. It will make a huge difference for millions of small advertisers.

VentureBeat, Saturday, May 20,2023
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Bard AI vs ChatgGPT - Early Impressions
Google made its AI-powered chatbot available in 180 countries and almost immediately caused hyperactivity in our internal comparison engines. Here's what we found
Amidst the growing trend big tech companies launching their own generative AI solutions, the latest being IBM, Google did the unthinkable. Not only did they launch the AI chatbot Bard in 180 countries, they also added several new features such as new language, ease of exporting text to Google Docs and Gmail, visual search and a dark mode.

And if this did not send some shivers amongst competitors, Google has also promised features like AI image generation powered by Adobe as well as integration with third-party web services such as OpenTable and Instacard. And Google stuck to its DNA of waiting for someone to innovate and then seamlessly and sometimes shamelessly follow suit with their own solutions. Anyone remember the Gmail versus Hotmail story from the early 2000s?, Monday, May 15,2023
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AI Controversies Hit Enterprise IT -- Gestalt It Rundown: May 17, 2023 (30 Minutes)
Controversy over AI, from ChatGPT to Bard, have been all over the news, and the impact of Large Language Models is hitting enterprise IT. We're seeing litigation against GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI just as the US Congress heard testimony by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. And of course IT pros everywhere are grappling with the various ways their jobs will be affected by AI. Let's take a closer look at AI in the enterprise. This and more on this week's Rundown.
0:58 - Hammerspace Acquires RozoFS

3:15 - Google I/O 2023 happened

6:49 - VAST Data's Platform Certified as Datastore for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD

10:04 - Microsoft and AMD are Teaming Up

12:42 - Solidigm's D5-P5430 High-Density Data Center SSD

15:47 - AI Controversies Hit Enterprise IT

27:27 - The Weeks Ahead

Gestalt IT, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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Gartner Survey Finds CEOs Cite AI as the Top Disruptive Technology Impacting Industries
A recent survey of CEOs and senior executives by Gartner, Inc. revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) was the top technology that CEOs believe will significantly impact their industry over the next three years, cited by 21% of survey respondents.
'Generative AI will profoundly impact business and operating models,' said Mark Raskino, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner. 'However, fear of missing out is a powerful driver of technology markets. AI is reaching the tipping point where CEOs who are not yet invested become concerned that they are missing something competitively important.'

The 2023 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey was conducted from July through December 2022 among over 400 CEOs and other senior business executives in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and South Africa, across different industries, revenue and company sizes.

Gartner, Wednesday, May 17,2023
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Gartner Identifies Six ChatGPT Risks Legal And Compliance Leaders Must Evaluate
Legal and Compliance Leaders Should Assess Their Organizations' Exposure to These Risks and Build Appropriate Measures to Steer Responsible Use of ChatGPT
Legal and compliance leaders should address their organization's exposure to six specific ChatGPT risks, and what guardrails to establish to ensure responsible enterprise use of generative AI tools, according to Gartner, Inc.

'The output generated by ChatGPT and other large language model (LLM) tools are prone to several risks,' said Ron Friedmann, senior director analyst in in the Gartner Legal & Compliance Practice. 'Legal and compliance leaders should assess if these issues present a material risk to their enterprise and what controls are needed, both within the enterprise and its extended enterprise of third and nth parties. Failure to do so could expose enterprises to legal, reputational and financial consequences.'

The six ChatGPT risks that legal and compliance leaders should evaluate include:...

Gartner, Thursday, May 18,2023
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AI And The Data Center: Challenges And Investment Strategies
AI applications must be supported by massive compute power, which means larger and more plentiful data centers.
The uptick in AI usage is causing rapid growth in the data center market to accommodate the explosion of data these technologies are creating. Adding AI to the already massive pool of available technology, including internet of things (IoT) devices, will generate even more customer data, leading to an exponential increase in data volumes.

The bottom line is that all this data needs to reside somewhere, and organizations will turn to data centers.

Kevin Shtofman, head of innovation at Cherre, explains AI will create increased demand for computing power, requiring investment in AI-specific hardware, adoption of new data center designs, and exploration of emerging technologies such as edge computing.

InformationWeek, Monday, May 15,2023
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IT News - Technology
Can Photonics Deliver The Next Breakthrough In Research Computing?
Photonic computing technologies are seeing rapid growth in research output and technology development, and products are now entering the market. How will this new computing revolution impact scientists and engineers' research capabilities?
Photonic technology offers enormous potential advantages to data processing speeds for large-scale computing infrastructure while also promising to reduce networking and communications energy consumption. This technology has huge ramifications for advanced computing infrastructure such as supercomputers (HPC and AI), cloud computing, data centre networking and even quantum computing.

Performance bottlenecks and energy efficiency are a growing concern for scientists and researchers using HPC and AI systems as they can potentially limit application performance or make large scale computing unsustainable.

Scientific Computing World, Monday, May 15,2023
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Ampere Heads Off Intel, AMD's Cloud-Optimized Cpus With A 192-Core ARM Chip
What's better than 128 cores? 192 of course, or that's the bet Ampere is making with the launch of its next-generation Arm datacenter processors this week.
Since breaking into the datacenter CPU market in 2020 with the launch of its 80-core Ampere Altra parts, the company's strategy of packing a ton of relatively small, efficient Arm cores into a single socket has paid dividends. Today, nearly every major cloud provider, with the exception of Amazon of course, has put Ampere's cores to work in their clouds.

With the launch of its 192-core Ampere One processor family this week, Ampere hopes to cement its hard-won cloud foothold, even as Intel and AMD circle like buzzards with their own core-optimized parts.

So what has Ampere brought to the table this time?

The Register, Wednesday, May 17,2023
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IT News - Operations
Looking Back At Data Center World 2023: 3 Concerns That Stood Out
Data Center World highlighted three major challenges in the data center industry: power and heat density, site and construction, and sustainability.
There was a lot going on in Austin, Texas, last week, as data center specialists, technology vendors, and industry experts flocked to the Austin Convention Center to take part in the annual Data Center World show. Along with a wide range of IT-centric topics, programming this year also included the Data Center BUILD conference, which focused on the unique challenges of data center design and construction, and the Omdia Analyst Summit, where leading technology analysts spoke on key topics of IT industry significance.
DataCenter Knowledge, Friday, May 19,2023
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Complete Guide To Elastic SIEM
Elastic Security, which includes Elastic security information and event management (SIEM), is a comprehensive security solution developed by Elastic. It combines various security tools and features to help organizations detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats in real-time.
Elastic Security leverages the capabilities of the Elastic Stack, a suite of open source tools, including Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats, to provide powerful search, analytics and visualization capabilities.

Elastic SIEM Features

Here are some of the main features of Elastic SIEM: ...

Security Boulevard, Friday, May 19,2023
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IT News - Security
10 Types Of AI Attacks CISOs Should Track
Risk from artificial intelligence vectors presents a growing concern among security professionals in 2023.
As CISOs work to future proof their cybersecurity strategy and infrastructure for tomorrow's emerging threats, artificial intelligence (AI) attacks are looming large in their thoughts. Even without the hype that's billowed around ChatGPT and generative AI's skyrocketing popularity, AI risk has started to unfold as a growing concern among security researchers and pundits in 2023.
DARKReading, Thursday, May 18,2023
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Time Taken For Hackers To Crack Passwords Revealed
New Specops Software research has unearthed the length of time it takes modern attackers to brute force user passwords. Plain text password storage is rare in these modern times, requiring attackers to adopt password cracking methods to make use of the majority of (hashed) password leaks.
However, with the help of newer password-cracking hardware and software, the time to crack passwords is now considerably short.

Darren James, Senior Product Manager at Specops Software, states 'the recent headline-making news of the possibilities of AI have some security researchers and IT teams wondering what this technology means for password security. We've long known that passwords are vulnerable to brute force cracking attempts. Recent advancements in automation and hardware have made these attacks all the more accessible for today's cybercriminals.'

DCIG, Thursday, May 18,2023
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Role Of Threat Intelligence In Ot Security: Best Practices And Use Cases
In today's interconnected world, operational technology (OT) systems play a crucial role in industries such as manufacturing, energy, and transportation. However, with increased connectivity comes the risk of cyber threats targeting these critical infrastructures.
To effectively safeguard OT systems, organizations must employ robust security measures, including threat intelligence. This article explores the role of threat intelligence in OT security, highlighting best practices and providing insightful use cases to demonstrate its effectiveness in mitigating risks and protecting vital industrial operations.
Sectrio, Monday, May 15,2023
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What The White House's Cybersecurity Strategy Means For CISOs
Cybersecurity is a huge concern. Businesses and individuals stand to lose a lot of time and money in the event of an unauthorized exposure or corruption of sensitive data. And lately, these types of attacks have started impacting businesses that affect the entire population.
For example, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in 2021 led to the shutdown of a crucial pipeline system that supplied about 45% of the east coast's fuel. Operations didn't resume until an unknown amount-likely in the millions of dollars-was paid to the attackers.

These types of incidents involving high-profile organizations are, unfortunately, all too common. The San Francisco 49ers were hit with a ransomware attack that exposed information about 21,000 people. And the Glenn County Office of Education in California experienced a ransomware attack that cost it $400,000.

Security Boulevard, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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IT News - Linux
Red Hat Releases RHEL 9.2 To Customers, With Buffet Of Rebuilds For The Rest Of Us
Red Hat has released version 9.2 of its enterprise Linux distro, which is free for existing customers with current contracts. As usual, there are a load of recompiled rebuilds to choose from as well.
RHEL 9.2 is the latest biannual update to IBM's enterprise Linux distribution. It's a minor point upgrade, bringing various subcomponents to slightly more recent versions.

The company has a "technical blog post" about the improvements in this version, but for us, it's a bit light on detail. There was more info in the announcement of the beta, back in March. The big new feature seems to be an optional special kernel for Arm64 servers that uses a 64kB page size, up from the 4kB default. Although this means less efficient memory allocation, it may improve performance for servers working on very large, contiguous data sets.

The Register, Friday, May 19,2023
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IT News - DevOps
DevOps Security: Your Complete Checklist
In a fast-paced environment like DevOps, your security strategy needs to be even more agile. While moving fast is great for delivering application features and functionality, speed shouldn't come at the cost of security.
DevOps security incorporates security strategies directly into your DevOps pipeline, creating a culture of pre-secured software deployments that work seamlessly for the end user. However, this requires a complete shift in your operational policies and security mindset. You need to start viewing security as an integral part of your DevOps lifecycle instead of a separate department.

Here's a checklist of DevOps security strategies for your development teams to deliver secure and reliable applications faster:, Wednesday, May 17,2023
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IT News - Cloud
Gartner Says Four Trends Are Shaping The Future Of Cloud, Data Center And Edge Infrastructure
Gartner, Inc. highlighted four trends impacting cloud, data center and edge infrastructure in 2023, as infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams pivot to support new technologies and ways of working during a year of economic uncertainty.
Speaking at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference in Sydney today, Paul Delory, VP Analyst at Gartner said, 'In the current economic climate, the biggest problem companies face in 2023 may not be IT infrastructure. I&O teams, however, will be impacted by economic and geopolitical forces and will have a vital role to play in ameliorating their effects.

'This won't be a year to realize grand ambitions, but it marks a moment to refocus, retool and rethink your infrastructure. In every crisis lies opportunity, and in this case, the chance to make positive changes that may be long overdue.'

According to Gartner, the top four cloud, data center and edge infrastructure trends include:

Gartner, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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You've Got Cloud Compliance Challenges, We'Ve Got A Guide
Sonrai's Guide to Cloud Security Compliance Pain Points
Passing audits and meeting compliance standards is a beast any enterprise with good security 'ethics' faces. Different industries and different sized businesses face different requirements, but some consistencies remain true: it requires airtight identity and access management and a proactive approach to security maintenance.

Knowing what you need to do doesn't make the execution any easier. We've seen first hand the trials and tribulations of passing audits with customers and prospects - unintended entitlements undetected from traditional IAM tooling, created cloud roles associated with an identity that are not tracked in Azure Active Directory, and the inability to answer who and what could access business critical applications.

sonrai, Wednesday, May 17,2023
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Is Your Cloud Strategy Working? Why Multicloud By Design Is The Way Forward.
With the rise of cloud computing, many organizations rapidly adopted public cloud services alongside cloud principles in dedicated IT environments, or private clouds, to accelerate innovation and meet business requirements. This led to the rise of multicloud: today, almost nine out of 10 IT environments include a mix of public and private clouds.
In some instances, organizations undertook a thoughtful and planned approach to their multicloud strategies. But in many cases, organizations found themselves in this multicloud world by happenstance-new solutions and services were rapidly onboarded, each with its own ecosystem of proprietary tools, lacking interoperability and operational consistency. Many found these environments difficult to manage, govern and modernize, all while controlling costs. All these challenges limited the benefits the multicloud model was supposed to unlock.
CIO, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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IT News - Networks
Gestalt IT: We Gave Away Too Much To Get Wi-Fi 6E (30 Minutes)
The industry is excited to implement Wi-Fi 6E with all the new devices coming out. Even with regulatory challenges the world is ready for faster connectivity and more reliable signal.
But those same regulatory challenges are just part of the myriad of issues. Standards bodies, marketing teams, and even users themselves are asking why it's taking so long to implement Wi-Fi 6E even after it has been brought to market faster than any Wi-Fi standard in the past. Is that because we gave up too many things to get it here? In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth talks to Sam Clements, Avril Salter, and Mario Gingras to find out whether Wi-Fi 6E got here so fast because we left so much of it behind.
Gestalt IT, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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3 Ways To Jump-Start Your Journey To SD-WAN, SSE, and SASE
IT departments must now take steps to embrace SASE as traditional network architectures were never designed for the cloud.
For decades, organizations have relied on traditional architecture to secure their network based on firewalls and other perimeter defenses. As organizations massively moved their workloads to the cloud, users are now accessing sensitive data in the cloud through unsecured links, outside of the corporate network perimeter and from any device. This trend has accelerated as hybrid working has become the new normal.

Traditional architectures were centered around a perimeter-based security model, with the data center as the central hub for all network traffic. This architecture forced IT departments to backhaul traffic to the data center for security reasons, significantly impacting cloud application performance.

CIO, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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IT News - IoT
The Battle Against IoT Cyber Threats
The rapid increase of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology has transformed the world in many ways. From home automation to industrial control systems, IoT has become an integral part of our daily lives. However, as with any new technology, there are significant cybersecurity concerns that come with it. In this blog post, we will explore the major challenges and solutions to IoT cybersecurity.
PeoplActive is an ISO 27001:2013 certified leading tech hiring platform. By utilizing an exclusive network of 4000+ Silicon Valley calibre tech talent specialized in 100+ in-demand IT skills, it was pretty easy for businesses to hire game-changing engineers and developers in just 48 hours. So, if you want to accelerate your business, schedule a quick call with our experts now.

What is IoT Cybersecurity?

IoT cybersecurity refers to the practices, tools, and technologies used to protect Internet of Things devices from cyber threats. With the increasing number of connected devices, it has become more important than ever to ensure that these devices are secure and protected from data breaches, privacy violations, and other cyber attacks.

Security Boulevard, Monday, May 15,2023
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IT News - Big Data
Data Strategy Best Practices
Data Strategy, the master plan or blueprint for confronting day-to-day business challenges and meeting pre-defined business goals using data, has gained significant traction. More companies are seeing the connection between following Data Strategy best practices and boosting profit.
Gartner estimates that 50% of financial planning and analytics leaders will take charge of developing and refining their Data Strategy. Moreover, corporate annual reports refer to data nearly 80% more often than they did in 2017.

Consequently, the mandate for a well-articulated and executed enterprise Data Strategy developed from best practices will continue with the intent of increasing revenue. To achieve this goal, leaders must mold a Data Strategy into a pattern that enables timely decision-making among all employees, business partners, and customers.

Below are five essential Data Strategy best practices to get you started.

Dataversity, Tuesday, May 16,2023
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IT News - Java
Java News Roundup: JDK 21 Updates, Spring Data 2023.0, JobRunr 6.2, Micronaut 4.0 Milestones
This week's Java roundup for May 8th, 2023, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 21, GraalVM Native Build Tools 0.9.22, Spring Framework, Spring Data and Spring Shell releases, Micronaut 4.0-M3, Quarkus 3.0.3, Eclipse Vert.x releases, Micrometer Metrics and Tracing releases, Groovy 4.0.12, Tomcat releases, Maven 3.9.2, Piranha 23.5.0, Reactor 2022.0.7, JobRunr 6.2, JDKMon releases and Devoxx UK.
JEP 448, Vector API (Sixth Incubator), has been promoted from Proposed to Target to Targeted for JDK 21. This JEP, under the auspices of Project Panama, incorporates enhancements in response to feedback from the previous five rounds of incubation: JEP 438, Vector API (Fifth Incubator), delivered in JDK 20; JEP 426, Vector API (Fourth Incubator), delivered in JDK 19; JEP 417, Vector API (Third Incubator), delivered in JDK 18; JEP 414, Vector API (Second Incubator), delivered in JDK 17; and JEP 338, Vector API (Incubator), delivered as an incubator module in JDK 16. This feature proposes to enhance the Vector API to load and store vectors to and from a MemorySegment as defined by JEP 424, Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview).
InfoQ, Monday, May 15,2023
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