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Top 3 Trends Shaping The Future Of Cybersecurity And IAM
HelpNet Security, Friday, May 12,2023
May 19, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

The need to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and theft has never been greater, and cybersecurity and IAM technologies are evolving to meet this challenge while providing users with more convenience.

There are three key trends to watch in cybersecurity and IAM:

Organizations will prioritize identity-centric zero trust security Zero trust is a security model that assumes that all users, devices and applications are potentially compromised and should not be trusted by default. Instead, zero trust requires that all access to resources is verified and authorized on a per-user and per-device basis. Simply put, zero trust means taking an 'assume you've been breached' approach, which means that you should never trust and always verify...

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